Studio Installation

Our Platforms seamlessly integrates with all leading golf technology allowing our studios to be fully bespoke and customized.

Studio Installation Services

Our platform isn’t exclusive to high-performance golf. We specialize in custom residential, commercial, and educational facility installations. Discover how we can craft a unique space just for you.

Putting Studio

We’re the only mass market platform with an inclinometer that can mimic the slope and putting surface of the on course experience. Platform stability is unmatched thanks to fully aluminium components that will not warp over time.

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Collegiate Programs

Premier Universities and Colleges across the country have been training on and utilizing Perfection Platform’s technology to enhance and improve the skills of their athletes. 

Putting and Simulator Studios

Putting Studio Technologies


Full Swing Technologies


Advanced Integration & Customization

Our Platforms integrate with almost anything you can imagine, the options are limitless.